Belize Day 2

It’s been less than 12 hours since arrival in Belize and, already, I’m back in the groove. Any thoughts I had of maybe going elsewhere next winter are slowly getting squashed by the synchronicity that I always experience here. syn·chro·nic·i·ty1 /ˌsiNGkrəˈnisitē/ noun the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible […]

Perfection is Overrated

Is Perfection overrated? I think so. A writer friend just sent me a download on the importance of being “Good Enough,” as opposed to being “Perfect.” Long Story Short: If we fall victim to the whims of the Perfectionist in ourselves, we can damage the expression of our Creativity. Example: You write a stream-of-consciousness response […]

The Dream, Climbing Back to Creativity

The Dream, Climbing Back To Creativity Yesterday I arrived at my destination just as dark fell upon a tiny beach village on the U.S. side of the Canadian border at British Columbia. I had driven north on a grey day (or a gray day or a grey dey- I was already contemplating poetry and prose- […]