Barkeep! Another Round of Hugs, please!

After another long COVID week, I am longing for some refreshment. Liquid? Virtual? Physical? Any kind of refreshment. I think I’d like a Lemon Drop Martini. It’s been many years since I’ve ordered one. If the barkeeper has been careful passing it to the waitperson and the waitperson has managed to get to my table without a jostling, I will have a lovely sweet-tart beverage without the lemon sugar syrup sliding down the stem of the glass. Maybe too sweet, but refreshing nonetheless with a hint of summer on this grey day. Better yet, a Lemon Drop Martini made with Limoncello—for flashbacks to Italy and Italian places. I had my first limoncello on the island of Capri after taking the funicular to the top of the hill and walking along a stone path that clung to a hillside shaded by a bougainvillea-covered pergola. Fuchsia bougainvillea demands that you remember it. Then there was Prosecco and crisp calamari near the square. The memories of beverages sipped—or thrown back— in foreign places keep alive the faint promise that we shall leave home once again. In the meantime, there are virtual visits where we see ourselves mask-less and unadorned. This new normal is not welcomed, but it is necessary. What I miss most are hugs. One day when we are free, I’ll cross the sunny threshold of a cafe. “Barkeep! Hugs all around!” I’ll say. And then I’ll throw my arms around you and I won’t let go.

Well, here we are…

…having crossed into the second month of 2021. What do you think? Are we better off? Do we see positivity on the horizon? Are we feeling better? Healthier? Mentally more stable? Are you at work on any resolutions? I’m just glad that I’m not toggling between CNN Live and MSNBC 24/7. Although I did appreciate […]

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

I haven’t posted in a while because here on the home front, beyond politics and Covid-19, I’ve been riding the roller coaster of Life. I’ve been hanging tight… It wouldn’t be Life if we didn’t have a few lessons to learn, right? I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new […]

Swimming in the Dead Sea in Summer

Yesterday was my 70th birthday. Rather a big one, I think, and worthy of a big celebration. I don’t mean a big party or big money spent. I prefer to celebrate a significant transition with some kind of adventure, big or small or in-between. I had hoped, if all went well, to be swimming in […]

A Covid-19 Survival Story

My mother tested positive for Covid-19 on April 11, 2020. A week later, she experienced difficulty breathing, coughing, but no fever. After days of being very ill, she was moved to the Positive-Covid-19 floor of her nursing home in Massachusetts. She was on oxygen continuously for several days, then periodically as needed. Then– she got […]

Day 17. Self-quarantine and what have I learned?

Day 17. Self-quarantine and what have I learned? It’s not that different from my regular routine. Introvert here. I’m not accomplishing as much as I thought I would. Gained 3 carb pounds but lost them as soon as I realized I was foraging in the pantry too often. Walking the yard is more fun than […]