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When is listening to a writer podcast as important as sitting down to write?

When it’s A. C. Fuller’s Writer 2.0, a podcast dedicated to writing, publishing and the space between.

I met A. C. Fuller at the 2015 Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference by attending his presentation on editing, and later, at his book launch for The Anonymous Source.

His conference presentation was excellent. I’ve dug out my notes this morning as I prepare to embark on yet another self-imposed writer retreat for a week of manuscript mutilation – better known as editing. …but A.C.’s podcast is what I want to share today.

Just a few quick notes to say that this writer podcast is just what you need to fill the space between writer conferences. Writer 2.0 presents interviews with writers, publishers, editors- everyone and everything to do with writing.

I’ve been listening during my treadmill walking on rainy days and, in addition to its valuable content, this podcast makes the time fly.

Example: Yesterday I listened to Emma Scott on Breaking into the Romance Genre, and Blog Your Book with Nina Amir. Besides presenting a concise interview on the headline topics, there’s always subsidiary information on writing and publishing methods that have worked for those being interviewed. Their personal opinions. Insider info. How to’s. Methods worth applying to your own project. Etc. You get the picture.

A. C. Fuller is an excellent interviewer and I guarantee you won’t be bored. No slog time here.

Podcasts vary in length from 20 minutes to under an hour. Do keep your notepad handy because you’re definitely going to want to take notes.

I’ve got to get packing, but do add Writer 2.0 to your podcast subscriptions.


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