Perfection is Overrated

Is Perfection overrated? I think so.

A writer friend just sent me a download on the importance of being “Good Enough,” as opposed to being “Perfect.”

Long Story Short: If we fall victim to the whims of the Perfectionist in ourselves, we can damage the expression of our Creativity.


You write a stream-of-consciousness response to a few thoughts that you wish to convey. Your article is gritty and true.

Then you start fine-tuning it. You go too far. Instead of fine-tuning, you accidentally strip out the emotion.

Instead of capturing its essence, you pound it down to a shadow of its former self.

We need to encourage ourselves in our writing, and our lives, not look for the flaws.

Learning to recognize when we are Good Enough is not always easy, but it’s a good goal.

In fact, it’s a Good Enough goal.

Thanks, Nancy Harris.

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