How’s This for a Belated New Year’s Resolution?

I’ve just posted my first note with Substack. I hope you’ll follow me. I’ve been enjoying so many other Substack writers that I’m going to post there for the most part, and occasionally, here on my (old, previous) WordPress blog. Take a look. Love and Cheers, Linda Summersea

Discoveries Upon Re-reading My Manuscript

I’ve spent the past few days re-reading my memoir manuscript from start to finish. This time I wanted to focus on experiencing the manuscript as a reader would, while watching for any needed edits in sentence structure, punctuation, tone, and voice. In the past, in addition to my developmental editor’s work, I’ve done seven (eight?) […]

I Said I Wouldn’t Spam You

I meant it. But this year’s posts have few and far between. Priorities I’ve stuck to? Querying agents for my coming-of-age memoir. Taking writing classes via Zoom. Attending monthly writing group meetings. Exploring other writing formats—namely, Flash Non-Fiction. Oh yeah, and writing in my journal at least every other day. The hard work? Relocating from […]

Book Trailer: The Girl with the Black and Blue Doll – A Memoir by Linda Summersea

Book trailer reveal for my memoir manuscript, THE GIRL WITH THE BLACK AND BLUE DOLL. #amquerying #memoir #comingofage Until my manuscript finds representation and a publishing home, here’s a sample. I hope you enjoy it. Book Trailer by Aleksandar Tomov, Junior. If you’re in the market for a book trailer, I highly recommend Aleksandar. Prompt, […]