What Do You Give A Man Who Has Nothing?

Today is the 80th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. I am honored to say that my article— What Do You Give To a Man Who Has Nothing? —has just been published on elephantjournal.com. ……………………… What Do You Give a Man Who Have Nothing? The Wall St. Journal had an article on […]

Finding Bodhichitta. Finding Love.

(Author’s Note, after the fact: I just counted 5 “fears”, 1 “fearless” and 5 “loves” in this post. You can’t have too much love, but 5 fears is crazy. This is not one of my better pieces.) I’ve been reading Buddhist beliefs lately, not in search of a new religion, but as a willing student […]

Live the Island Life: Live Green. 10 Tips Learned from Island Living.

I confess that I am in the midst of a very long, ongoing love affair—with islands. Many islands. I have yielded to their temptation in many seas—some repeatedly—and each island has shared its unique characteristics abundantly and unabashedly. The most valued aspect of these island affairs is that they have taught me the principles of […]