Misfits are all around us, sitting next to us on trains, wrapped in sleeping bags on wet sidewalks in doorways of businesses darkened for the night, taking deep cleansing breaths on adjacent yoga mats, directing us in traffic, speaking to us from the fronts of classrooms, handing us change at cash registers, sipping a mug of coffee beside us, selecting a disk of perfectly matching matte makeup masking much. Glancing sideways at stop lights, ignoring the rain dripping inside collars, shivering, sweating, disguised, dark, diagnosed, undiagnosed.

Misfits probably maybe definitely usually hide themselves from the general public from their mothers from their fathers because they have to want to need to today tomorrow forever maybe.

Misfits walk with eyes shades drawn with minds scarred more than wrists than knees. They’ve fallen gotten up fallen again. And again. Again.

Misfits, if they’re fortunate, find a kindred spirit in their midst.

Lidia Yuknavitch is such a kindred spirit.

The Misfits Manifesto arrives October 24, 2017. Embrace it.

Lidia Yuknavitch will be speaking at Powell’s Books in Portland OR on 10/24/17.

She’s a wonder.

Lidia also has a TedTalk of the same name. View it here.

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