Well, here we are…

…having crossed into the second month of 2021.

What do you think? Are we better off? Do we see positivity on the horizon? Are we feeling better? Healthier? Mentally more stable? Are you at work on any resolutions?

I’m just glad that I’m not toggling between CNN Live and MSNBC 24/7. Although I did appreciate and enjoy the content between 9 PM and midnight—that I had little previous exposure to.

I got my first COVID-19 vaccine innoculation this week. Whew.

I’ve been listening to more music. Mostly 60s and 70s material. Thinking about those times, and missing live music. Very much. No sense looking for 2021 Bands On Tour.

However, I’ve been taste-testing podcasts. Some that I had forgotten about.

Flowers are blooming here in the rain. Time to think about the garden. I decided to dig a 12″ deep trench, 2′ wide, 8′ long. Maybe tomorrow. I want to drop my compost bins into the ditch so the worms can get in through the slots.

Dieting. Semi-successfully. I’ve taken off my “Covid Nine” but am having a difficult time getting past it. Weighing my food and abstaining from alcohol. Boo.

Can’t resist flipping through details of wild places to visit in 2022.

Oh yeah… Definitely writing more and taking Restorative Yoga classes.

Hiking in the woods, alone with my thoughts. Lost. Not Lost. Beating back depression with a trekking pole.

Baby steps. Thumbs up! 🙂

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