Your Truth Can Inspire Others

Your truth can inspire!

Linda Joy Myers, Author and Founder of the National Assn of Memoir Writers,

shared a post today about vulnerability and truth in memoir. I don’t want to quote her suggestions in their entirety but you can read the entire post here.

There was one point that stood out for me.

When you’re dealing with the truth that you’re exposing, she suggests (her point #4) that you should

make a list of the ways you feel your story will help others—think of ten messages you will deliver in your book.”

I think this suggestion is one of the strongest reasons to press onward with your truth.
It’s more than a rationalization.
When the truth in your memoir presents strong examples of surviving the events that you detail, others who are experiencing the same will find strength and good in your conclusions.

Furthermore, if your memoir style is strong, you’re avoiding the “woe is me” syndrome.  Your memoir will stand out for other reasons and your words will be taken seriously.

Keep at it!

your truth










your truth

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