To Post or Not to Post

The fact that my blogging has diminished to a trickle hasn’t escaped my notice.

The reason that my blogging has diminished to a trickle is not so obvious.

I think most writers can understand my dilemma.

In the academic world, “publish or perish” is king. Or queen.

In the world of an independent writer seeking publication, it gets a little tricky.

The fact is that if one is participating in journal submissions or composing essays for writing contests, one rule supersedes them all.

“Contributions/entries may not have been previously published in any format including blogs.”

It’s an entirely fair rule. I get that. No one wants to publish second-hand goods.

I’ve decided that maybe I can continue blogging with content that falls into another category. Not significant enough to submit to a journal. Not prize-worthy.

Definitely not politics, and not ranting. Just interesting food for thought.


Watch this space.

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