This Is Where It Began

This is The Farm. One-hundred acres of wild woods and domesticated fields. A couple dozen milk cows, two draft horses, two pigs, twelve+ rabbits, twelve-odd laying hens, twenty-four ducks, one billy goat, one barn cat named Jasper, and one mongrel dog named Skippy. And four barefoot kids.

“I have always loved wild places. I grew up on a hundred-acre farm where my siblings and I were put out to pasture at an early age. We crawled on our bellies in our stick forts, and grazed on wild strawberries till the cows came home.”

It’s all here—from the Bee Hives and the Vegetable Garden to the Big Barn, Silo, and Horse Barn, the Orchard, Pig Pen, Garage, Farm House, Tractor Barn, Tool Shed (my favorite), Corn Crib, Outhouse, Duck Coop, Chicken Coop, Pond, Woodpile, Uncle Joe’s Workshop, Hay Fields, Cow Pastures, Horse’s Hill, original owners’ Family Cemetery, The Dump, The Swamp, Woodlot, and The Back Forty.

“Later we scanned the skies above and chanted “Star light, star bright…” Fireflies blinked in response— but mosquitos showed us who’s boss.”

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