A Covid-19 Survival Story

My mother tested positive for Covid-19 on April 11, 2020.

A week later, she experienced difficulty breathing, coughing, but no fever. After days of being very ill, she was moved to the Positive-Covid-19 floor of her nursing home in Massachusetts.

She was on oxygen continuously for several days, then periodically as needed.

Then– she got better!

I called Mum today, May 23: SIX weeks after that diagnosis and also her 92nd birthday!

She sounded perfectly normal. Mind blowing!

She, of course, is the same baby girl who was born in 1928 at home in a third-floor, walk-up apartment, 2 months early, weighing 2 pounds (or was it 3 pounds?), and swaddled in a shoebox.

The doctor said, “Keep her in the oven with the door open.”

It was a gas oven.

There’s no other explanation. Simply put, my mother is a survivor.

P.S. Due to her dementia, she knows nothing about COVID-19. All she knows is that she can’t play Bingo because “we have to stay 6 feet apart”.

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